Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Logic of the Order

What is Order? In a Scientific sense, the basic natural progression of the physical universe is from Order to Chaos. This is the basic law of Thermodynamics. Essentially something exists, and operates , and then it does not.
In a Philosophical sense, Order is based on understanding, there can be no Order without intelligence, knowledge, and design. Essentially, Order does not exist without Wisdom, or rather, the ability to utilize true knowledge correctly. True Knowledge is Light, and Darkness is the absence of Light. Therefore existence itself is Ordered, and even the Chaotic appearing things in the universe are maintained by that Order, according to design.
In a universe with physical laws, everything physical Must obey the laws, or it cannot exist, and operate.
This is the basic Order, or 'Foundation' of the framework of the physical Universe that Jesus Christ Created, and He has determined that everything Physical, exists in this atmosphere of extremely high accountability. Essentially: Obedience results in existence. This is the Ultimate Order of the Universe, Physically, Philosophically, and Spiritually.
The result of obedience, is continued existence. The result of disobedience, is death, or rather the cessation of existence.
Jesus Christ gives us a picture of the order of the universe in His parable about the person that builds his house on rock, or sand. Essentially the difference between a person that orders his life according to Christ's spiritual laws, and the person that doesn't. Showing that the Spiritual Universe exists in an atmosphere of extremely high accountability, like the physical universe.
This is why Jesus Christ tells us that 'if we keep His commandments, then we truly do love Him, and we will be loved by the Father, and They will come and make Their abode with us.
The stipulation is obedience, not saying the correct words, or going to the right place, or swinging the incense orb in just the right way.
Here is an example of obedience, that will illustrate the True Jesus Christ in a way that He intended to be perceived:
The first Order of the Universe pertaining directly to Mankind was the Order of Male and Female, or rather 'Marriage'. The Woman was given to the Man as his Mate, and the only thing that could dissolve that would be the death of the Man. The Marriage is therefore permanent in God's Order.
This is why Jesus tells the 'Religious Leaders' that it is easier for Heaven and Earth to just 'disappear' than for one stroke of a letter of the Law to fail'. Then He gives an example of this mandate: Anyone that marries a divorced woman is practicing adultery. Why?
Because to Jesus, the man that is married to a divorced woman is having sex with his neighbors wife, because she still belongs to her first husband, and will until her first husband is dead. This is the true logic of the Order, and it cannot be changed or superseded.
This is a true example of the 'small door', or 'narrow way' that Jesus spoke of. So we see that true obedience would be for that man to remove himself from that adulterous marriage, and repent to Jesus and apologize publicly, and the Lord would forgive him for his adultery, and he would make it to heaven, otherwise he would be judged as an adulterer and sent to hell.
In order for Christ to come to us and make His abode with us, we must encourage and foster an atmosphere of high accountability, otherwise He will not be with us, and He will abase us, as He has done to all the false Religious Organizations.
Do not follow the false doctrines of the Organizations, follow the Logic of the Order of the True Jesus Christ.

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