Friday, September 26, 2014

What is a Followship

A Followship is a network of Followers,  Followers of Jesus Christ,  people who are humbly, selflessly, lovingly, and thankfully following Jesus' commandments,  seeking to become disciples of Christ by subjecting themselves to His disciplines,  Jesus Christ Himself defining their reality in every aspect of life.

A Followship is not an organization,  it is a family of followers, following their Father the Lord Jesus hand in hand, and shoulder to shoulder, being bound together with the love of the truth of the Gospel, and the obedience of His commandments.

People who are seeking to fulfill the Lords commandments, order, and desires, making Him first in their lives above all else, and seeking to be set apart from the desires, and trappings of this world, and always (as strangers, and sojourners in this life) seeking to simplify, purify, and strengthen their walk with the Lord.

This Family focuses on following, not just fellowing,  Jesus said "whoever does the will of God is my brother, and sister, and mother".   A persons true family are the ones who keep the Lord's word,  and help others to do so.   We desire to foster an atmosphere of discipleship through humble obedience, and strict adherence to the Lord's directives, no matter how difficult it may seem, and in this sense a followship is not generational, or sociogenic, but seeks to be a family of true believers, not a social club made up of religious friends, and  relatives.

A Followship does not practice hierarchy,  it does not have to, because the disciples are led by the Spirit of Christ Himself through obedience to the Word,  and as the Lord Himself said "call no man father, leader, or teacher",  in the Spirit there is only one Father, Leader, and Teacher, and that is Jesus Christ Himself, who was, and is, and always will be God Himself.  We believe in the gifts of the Spirit of Christ, and that He gives the gifts as He wills, He can give to anyone any gift He pleases at any time, so we believe that all Followers (at any time the Spirit of Christ chooses) can be apostles, teachers, healers, prophets, and leaders, and that these gifts are for all of us that believe, and obey.  We believe that these gifts are not "owned" by any believer, and that the Lord Himself is the only one who "owns" anything,  and Him being the owner of all things, gives good gifts to those who obey Him.

The Followship has no Temple, it is the Temple, each follower being a spiritual stone that makes up the Temple worldwide, whoever they are, and wherever they are, they are the Temple of God in Christ.  May the Lord Jesus bless, and guide all the Followers, Amen.


  1. enjoying your blogs! I feel like I am riding with Rich again when I read his blog. Much Love


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